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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Specific Non-Profit Organisation Japanese Traditional Culture Promotion & Development Organisation (JTCO)

Last updated: 1 April 2010

1. General undertaking

Specific Non-Profit Organisation Japanese Traditional Culture Promotion & Development Organisation (JTCO) is engaged in various activities to achieve the goal of promoting and re-energising local cultures and traditional industries, supported by many cooperative organisations and participants. We acknowledge our responsibility in protecting the personal information we collect from the supporters and participants. We comply with the relevant legal or statutory obligations and will handle the personal information properly and securely. We promise that we will manage the personal information collected from the users in an appropriate manner and will not use them outside the purposes.

2. Collection of personal information

We clarify the purposes of collection of the personal information and follow an appropriate procedure in compliance with the law, when we collect the personal information.

3. Using the personal information

We identify the use of the personal information as specific as possible, and make use of the information within the identified purposes.

4. Disclosure to the third parties

We will not disclose the personal information we collect to the third parties without the permission of the person him/herself, except when required to do so to comply with legal or statutory obligations.

5. Management of personal information

We will keep the personal information as correct and updated as required for achieving the aforementioned purposes. We will take necessary and appropriate measures in order to keep the personal information from unauthorised access, loss, destruction, unlawful alteration or illegal disclosure.

6. Access to information

We promptly address any claim to disclose, correct, add, delete or suspend the personal information by the person him/herself.

7. Complaints

We immediately and appropriately address any complaints or enquiries about the management of the personal information.

8. Security

In order to execute this privacy policy, we have appropriate security measures in place, which is informed to all members of staff and is precisely undertaken by them. We will not commission any outside parties to manage the personal information we collected.

9. Privacy statement updates

We keep this privacy statement available and updated on this website.

Translation: Moe Shoji, reviewed by Chan Yitin

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