JTCO strives for inheritance, creation and development of Japanese traditional culture.

JTCOJapanese Traditional Culture Promotion&Development Organization
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Activity Introduction

With the aim of promoting Japanese traditional culture industry and encouraging the inheritance, creation and development of traditional technics, we appeal the unrecognized treasure of Japanese cultural heritage to the wider public, both domestically and internationally.

Examples of our activities:
1) Collection and publication of information related to Japanese traditional and local culture, and offering of publication infrastracture
2) Offering of lectures and events to experience Japanese traditional and local culture
3) Operation of shops/fairs or supply of goods to introduce Japanese traditional crafts in the daily life
Online Shop WA-YOU-EN, Ginza Kabuki-za (Basement Level 2) craft fair
San Francisco:
SANKO (1758 Buchanan St, San Francisco, CA 94115 U.S.A)
JPBOOKS (24-25 Denman Street, London W1D 7HU U.K.)

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