JTCO strives for inheritance, creation and development of Japanese traditional culture.

JTCOJapanese Traditional Culture Promotion&Development Organization
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JTCO Overview

(As of August 20, 2013)

Item Details
Organization Name
Non-Profit Organization Japanese Traditional Culture Development & Promotion Organization (JTCO)
Establishment Date
October 13, 2009
Head Office
Room 1401, 1-3-2, Atago, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0002 JAPAN
TEL/FAX: +81-(0)3-3431-5030
Contact Please contact us via inqury form
Description of Business
1) Collection and transmission of information related to Japanese traditional and local culture, and offering of transmission infrastracture
2) Offering of lectures and events to experience Japanese traditional and local culture lightheartedly
3) Operation of shops to introduce Japanese traditional crafts in the daily life (Online shop: WA-YOU-EN)
Mission With the aim of promoting Japanese traditional culture industry and encouraging the inheritance, creation and development of traditional technics, we appeal the unrecognized treasure of Japanese cultural heritage to the wider public, both domestically and internationally.

JTCO Boards

(As of August 20, 2013)

Title Name / Affiliation / Profile

Noriko Osaka
Principal, Crossfrontier Ltd. (UX Consulting)


  • BA from Sophia University (French Major), ME from Kanazawa Institute of Technology (e-Business)
  • Founded Crossfrontier Ltd. in 2011, after working at Overseas Dept. of Japanese manufacturer, US-based IT company (as a webmaster) and Japanese web integrator (as a UX professional).

Area Of Business

  • Web usability research, UX consulting
  • Web design based on UCD approach
  • Design & development of internet services


Vice President

Shugo Oikawa
CEO, Piconet Inc. (Cloud System Developer)


  • BA from Komazawa University, ME from Kanazawa Institute of Technology (e-Business)
  • Founded Piconet Inc. in 2000, after working for accounting system company for 11 years and running his first system company for 14 years.
  • Given numerous presentations relevant to the "powerful management of small and middle sized company" as the president of Rinri-Hojin-Kai (an incorporated assiciation of ethical company management) of Hiroshima branch.
  • Conducted the renewal movement of devastated public schools with Hiroshima residents after becoming the president of Educational Conference of Hiroshima.

Area Of Business

  • Development of cloud system for small and middle-sized companies
  • Development and consulting of business model
  • Business and administrative improvement consulting

Shinji Saito
CEO, Takagi-Shobo Co. Ltd. (Publisher)

Born in February 12, 1945 in Niigata.
Received BA from Kogakuin University (Chemistry Major). After working at Meido Metal Co. Ltd, founded a private preparatory school. In 1991, joined Takagi Shobo as an executive managing director, then became CEO in 2006.
Publishing books on the subject of "development of human, development of nation".

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