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Working Tourism in Oki Islands, West Japan

Enjoy the undiscovered life in a remote island through working tourism, which you will never experience through a regular tourism.

The town of Ama in Oki Islands is looking for people interested in working and living as an islander for a fixed period of time. The island, among the 180 large and small Oki Islands in the Sea of Japan, is located 60km north of Shimane Prefecture, West Japan.

Oki embraces a rich culture evolved in its long history as well as a magnificent scenery. The real value of the town of Ama can only be found in its daily life, in which the people have lived in harmony with nature while cherishing their own culture and history.

Discover the real value of Ama as a supporting member of island’s industry. You will be accommodated in a Japanese style house with other members.

Interested? For more information, please refer to the official website of Ama:

- Learn about the town of Ama (Japanese only, but you will enjoy the beautiful photos)
- Application guidelines (Japanese and English)

A magnificent view of Oki Islands

Happy dinner with co-workers

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