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Specialties from Osaka/Nara @Ginza KABUKI-ZA

Until October 31, specialties from Kansai (West Japan) are waiting for your visit at Ginza KABUKI-ZA.

During this October fair, three handicraft studios from Osaka and Nara present their special products eraborated by hands:

Oct. 1-15: Naniwa Bekko (Osaka Turtleshell craft)
Using genuine tutleshell (imported before 1992), precious accessories are created by dazzlingly skilled craftsmen.

Oct. 16-31: Osaka Karaki Sashimono (Osaka Harwood Joinery)
"Sashimono" means Japan's traditional wood joint work without using nails. "Karaki" refers to the hardwood such as ebony and rose wood imported from Southeast Asia. You will see craftsman's outstanding joinery work finished with natural lacquer.

Oct. 1-31: Natural Dye Scarves/Dress
Quality natural materials such as cotton, linen, silk and wool are colored both softly and vividly with natural plants. Hand dyed in Japan's oldest capital, Nara.

Naniwa Bekko (Osaka Turtleshell craft)

Osaka Karaki Sashimono (Osaka Harwood Joinery)

Natural Dye Scarves/Dress

Fair Info:
Dates: From October 01-31, 9:30am - 6:30(Closed at 6:00 on 30th)
Place: Ginza Kabuki-za B2F (Directly connected to Higashi-Ginza Stn. (Subway H-Line and A-Line)
Address: 4-12-15, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (Google Maps)
Under the auspices of JTCO (Japanese Traditional Culture Promotion and Development Organization)

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