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Kirin Shishimai: Kylin Lion Dance
Art Category Folk Performing Art
Name Kirin Shishimai: Kylin Lion Dance

Kirin Shishimai: Kylin Lion Dance《Feature》
Kylin Lion, with a corn on the head, dances under the leading of Shojou ( A performer wearing a red-painted mask). This dance is very mysterious and unique so that it is hard to find any other similar dances. Instead of songs, the Kylin Lion and leading Shojou dances by harmonizing the breathing with the simple melody played by the gong, taiko (drum) and bamboo flute.

The Kylin lion dance started 350 years ago by Ikeda Mitsunaka, the first lord of Tottori Prefecture. Even now, people in Tottori Prefecture are performing Kylin Lion Dance every year as a dedication to shrines. Each shrine’s Kylin Lion Dance has unique costume, makeup and way of dance.

Provided by: Tottori Prefecture Board of Education, Cultural Assets Division
Translation: Chan Yitin

City/Town Tottori Prefecture
Location Sawa-jinja(shrine), Karo-jinja, etc (Performed at approx. 150 shrines in Tottori or Hyogo pref.)
Contact Tottori Prefecture Board of Education (Tel: 0857-26-7525)
URL http://www.pref.tottori.lg.jp/bunkazai

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