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Craft Category Glasswork
Name Jyoetsu Crystal

Main Production Site:Gunma

Jyoetsu-Crystal is taking several methods to produce glass products such as Chubuki (Free) blowing, Katabuki (Mold) blowing, spindle or centrifugal techniques and stretching techniques.
Different from other glass production factories, Jyoetsu-crystal is capable of producing wide-ranged products. In addition, secondary processing such as sandblasting and printing is possible.

[Gunma Prefecture Hometown Traditional Crafts]
Information provided by: Jyoetsu Crystal Glass Co., Ltd.
Translation: Namiko Murakami, reviewed by Chan Yitin

Materials Glass
Crafting Processes Chubuki blowing (Free blowing) technique
Rotate the heated glass with blow tube, blow air into it to form the shape

Katabuki blowing (Mold blowing) technique
Molten glass is blown to form the shape.

Spindle or Centrifugal techniques
Pour molten glass into a mold, and form the shape with centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation.

Stretching technique
Place the soft glass on a flat board, stretching the glass to form the shape.

Extension technique
Stretching glass by gravity to form the shape.

Molding technique
Pour molten glass into mold to form the shape.

Sandblasting technique
Sand is blasted at a very high pressure to shape the surface and form the pattern.

Printing technique
Paste a colored seal on the surface of glass, transfer the pattern to the glass by burning.
History Glass was discovered 5000 years ago, since then it has been developing along with progress of humankind.

Glass had been used for various purposes in different times, It has been a symbol of wealth and power, also it has been appreciated as a piece of art, while sometimes it is used as a tool for our better daily life.

Nowadays, glass is recognized as a material to expressing our individuality.

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