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Craft Category Textile
Name Touzan-Ori: Touzan Weaving

Main Production Site:Chiba

According to the history, in the Edo period, people called a fabric “San-Tome Jima” since it was originally imported from Sao Thome, India. Later, with a Japanese prefix which indicated “imported products,” people started calling the fabric “Tou San-Tome.” After having euphonic change, the fabric was been called “Tou Zan.”

The characteristic of Touzan Weave fabric is its silk-like luster texture and soft feeling. Its sover, but silky and noble texture are beloved by all ages and genders.

Intangible cultural heritage of Chiba prefecture.
Information provided by Tateyama City Office.
Translation: Naotake Kakehi, reviewed by Yuka Toguchi

Materials cotton thread, natural dye
Crafting Processes Plant-derived dye is used for Touzan Weave technique. Interestingly, craftsmen taste dyeing liquid to dispense dyes to produce its distinctive color.

Striped texture of Touzan Weaving is processed by thinly weaved fine thread. Then, the fabric is pounded by “Kinuta,” a wooden block to smooth out the creases to give fine and luster textures.
History Touzan Weave fabric became popular from the middle to late Edo period. Tenpo Reforms, a policy established by Edo government prohibited to consume laxualy goods including wearing silk Kimono. The policy pushed up the popularity of the fabric; people wanted to use the Tozan Weave Fabric as a substitute of silk fabric.

Again, Touzan Weave fabric is made by cotton but has silky texture and feeling. Edokko (people who were born and raised in Edo, antient Tokyo) also loved the pattern on the fabric, composed of fine lines as the one which expresses their favirite tastes, sover but stylish. Today, Touzan Weave fabric has been beloved by many people.
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