JTCO strives for inheritance, creation and development of Japanese traditional culture.

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JTCO English Website Launched!

JTCO is a non-profit organization founded in October 2009, with the approval of Tokyo Municipal Government.

We believe Japanese traditional values, inherited technics and sense of beauty are still capable of enriching our daily life in the modern society. With the concept of "Questing for true affluence in WA: Japanese tradition", we have been striving for promoting Japanese traditional culture these past couple of years, transmitting information via website, designing and/or introducing traditional crafts etc.

Today, we proudly announce the launch of our English website, which enables the international audience to access our collective information on Japanese traditional culture. Our cordial gratitude to our dedicated volunteers, who deeply understand our visions and devoted their time and talent to achieve our goals.

We hope this website will continue growing to serve international audience to understand Japanese culture, and to help them enrich their daily life by learning ancient wisdom and heritage.

September 20, 2013
Noriko Osaka / President

Our sincere gratitude for:

(Alphabetical order, as of September 20, 2013)

Chan Yee Ting
Hitomi Kochi
Marina Izumi
Moe Shoji
Naotake Kakehi
Tomoe Ukida
Yoko Hokari
Yuka Toguchi
Yukiko Ueno
Yurika Tateishi

System Developer

Yuya Oshita / Piconet Inc.

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